Principal Secret Reclaim® Essentials Kit with Bright & Even Re-Texturizer®

Principal Secret Reclaim® Essentials Kit with Bright & Even Re-Texturizer®

RECLAIM® anti-aging skincare is designed to work as a system, to effectively fight the visible appearance of facial expression lines and wrinkles.  With the addition of our two Age Braker® benefit boosters, this kit gives you exactly what you need to help further defy the hands of time and rediscover your beautiful, younger-looking self.

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What’s included

  • Total Facial Cleanser Argireline® Molecular Complex enriches this anti-aging cream cleanser, allowing eye makeup, excess sebum and impurities to effectively be washed away.
  • Revolutionary Anti-Aging Night® Cream If you want ultimate anti-aging and moisturizing potency to reverse advanced signs of aging, reach for this world-famous night cream.
  • Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day® Cream, SPF 15 If your skin needs extra moisture during the day, this cream is the perfect way to hydrate, anti-age and protect your skin. Diminish the appearance of facial lines and keep skin younger looking longer.
  • Age Braker® Enzyme Mask & Peel Hollywood thrives on expensive aesthetician spa peels and now you can get the same radiant results without irritation and at a fraction of the cost… at home.
  • Age Braker® EyeFirmation® Eye Serum Before resorting to drastic measures, try this pro-grade eye serum. This concentrated, multi-faceted formula works wonders on the delicate skin around the eye, diffusing imperfections with a light refraction/diffusion system for a dramatically improved appearance.
  • Age Braker® Line Breaker® Serum This state-of-the-art serum addresses the loss of firmness, elasticity and moisture that comes with age.
  • Bright & Even Re-Texturizer®

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